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Senior Backend Engineer



Software Engineering · Full-time
Tulsa, OK, USA
Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2024

About eddii eddii is a digital health startup that gamifies and humanizes real-time glucose data. eddii offers people with diabetes and their healthcare providers an AI-enabled platform that responds to real-time glucose and helps people better manage their diabetes. Through gamification and witty conversation, eddii becomes a smart, virtual health buddy, providing users with health reports and collectible in-app items.

eddii is seeking a skilled and experienced Senior Backend Engineer to join our innovative technology team. We seek a professional who brings a wealth of knowledge in AWS, databases, APIs, Node.js, and TypeScript, along with proficiency in React Native and front-end/mobile development. This role is integral to our team, offering an opportunity to shape and drive the backend development of our cutting-edge health solutions.

Time Type: Full Time Travel Requirements: N/A Location Requirements: Tulsa, OK

Core Responsibilities ● Backend Development and Maintenance ○ Develop and maintain scalable backend systems using Node.js and TypeScript ○ Implement and uphold best practices in coding, software design, and architecture ● Cloud Services Management ○ Manage AWS services to build robust cloud infrastructure ○ CDK knowledge to build infrastructure via code ○ Handle serverless architectures and microservices for better scalability and efficiency

● Database Design and Management ○ Design and manage databases, optimizing performance, scalability, and security ● API Development and Integration ○ Create RESTful APIs interfaces, integrating third-party APIs for seamless data exchange

● Testing and Quality Assurance ○ Write and maintain automated tests to ensure software quality ○ Monitor backend performance and troubleshoot issues ● Monitoring and Metrics ○ Implement monitoring systems to track performance metrics ○ Analyze metrics to identify and resolve system bottlenecks ● Operational Responsibilities ○ Ensure continuous operation of backend systems, performing regular maintenance and updates

● Design and Code Reviews ○ Lead design sessions for new features and system updates ○ Conduct thorough code reviews to maintain high standards of code quality and encourage best practices ● Cross-Functional Collaboration ○ Work with front-end developers, especially in React Native, for integrated application development ○ Collaborate with other team members for cohesive product development ● Security and Compliance ○ Implement security measures and ensure compliance with data privacy laws ● Performance Optimization ○ Optimize backend performance using techniques like caching and load balancing.

Additional Responsibilities for React Native and Front-End Development ● Mobile App Development ○ Develop and maintain high-performance mobile applications using React Native ● Front-End Collaboration ○ Assist in front-end development to ensure a unified user experience ● Cross-Platform Solutions ○ Develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with backend services.

Qualifications: ● Bachelor's or master's degree in Computer Science or related field ● Proven experience in backend development, with expertise in AWS, databases, APIs, Node.js, and TypeScript ● Experience with React Native and front-end technologies is advantageous ● Strong problem-solving skills and adaptability in a dynamic startup environment.

eddii is an equal opportunity employer.

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